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Gold Coast Driveway Pressure Cleaning

Gold Coast high pressure cleaning driveways is the most affordable approach in safeguarding your driveway from degrading with time.

High pressure cleaning driveways can entirely take out moulded, algae, marsh, dust and even coat spills from paint. It is the cleanest, safest and most efficient way of cleaning your driveway.

When you’re trying to obtain your bond back from your landlord, oil and grease discolorations on your driveway can really be a nightmare to remove. However, we can clean, scrub and degrease your driveway without grease and oil. We have verified cleaners and tricks to drastically lower or in a most circumstances completely wash the grease stains and oil blemishes from your driveway.

Our commercial high pressure cleaning machines have the ability to handle fragile and decorative driveways such as sandstone and stencil concrete as well as more extreme tasks that require the removal of grease, paint, oil and gum. Simply because our machines have variable high pressure functionality that allows us to reduce pressure to 1000psi or increase pressure to as high as 6000psi

We also utilize an effective 22″ ‘Whirl-a-way’ that cuts driveway high pressure cleaning time by 75% conserving you water, time and money. Very few high pressure cleaning companies use a Whirl-a-way which effectively decreases the zebra stripe effect that most if not all residential high pressure cleaning machines will create. This zebra stripe effect leaves your driveway with patches of very clean and almost clean areas. Without the proper high pressure cleaning machinery and consistent high pressure from a Whirl-away, your driveway could end up with uneven patches.