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House Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast

Call Gold Coast High Pressure Cleaning – JBl Blasting for a complete house pressure cleaning Gold Coast experience. We have the expertise, experience, techniques and gear to have your house completely pressure cleaned professionally.

We use a specific nozzle type to ensure your house is left clean and streak free of mould and dirt. We use variable water pressures to clean your house ensuring all loose dirt is removed with no damage to your house exterior. We also provide a chemical house pressure clean were we use a specially formulated product to remove the most stubborn stains such as red dirt stains, bat faeces stains, wasp’s nests, finger print marks, dog rub stains and heavy mould build up. Our heavy duty chemical is bio-degradable with a natural citrus smell. It is safe on all surface types including colour bond, brick walls, rendered walls, concrete and weather boards.

A chemical house pressure clean begins with a pre-wash of your house removing the light dirt on the surface of your house exterior. We then soak the exterior house walls with our heavy duty cleaner which will then agitate the surface naturally and make it easier for the mould, grease, wasps nest etc to lift off. We then let the heavy duty cleaner soak for 5 minutes. Once soaked we can high pressure clean your house and remove stains returning it back to its original colour.
Regular yearly pressure cleaning of your house ensures that the paint will look its best all year round without deteriorating from mould build up and wasp nest stains etc.

House Pressure Cleaning For Single Story or Double Story

No matter if your house is single story or double story we have the right equipment to get the job done faster and cleaner. Double story house pressure cleaning can be quite costly without the right equipment, that’s why we have invested in a industrial fiber glass telescopic lance which can reach over 7.5 meters. Investing in this lance has allowed us to pressure clean safely from the ground without the use of costly elevated work platforms which are bulky and can destroy your grass.

Whether it be rendered wall, exposed brick, colour bond or weather boards we adjust the water pressure and nozzle types to suit every surface guaranteeing you get a more complete house pressure clean in Gold Coast.

We not only pressure clean the house exterior walls but we can also pressure clean windows, security screens, sliding doors, window seals, veranda, patio areas, paved areas, barbecue areas, shade cloths, pool surrounds, awnings, gutters and down pipes.

To find out more or for a free no obligation quote please contact Judd on: 0467 590 589 or you can make an enquiry for all your house pressure cleaning Gold Coast needs.