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Roof Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast

For roof pressure cleaning Gold Coast call your local Gold Coast High Pressure Cleaning experts today!

We can high pressure clean all different types of roofs whether it be colour bond roof, tiled roof, slate cement roof or roof shingles.

We also specialise in roof pressure cleaning Gold Coast with a wide range of roof designs and styles, to name a few: gabled roof, flat roof, clerestory roof, arched roof, sawtooth roof, curved roof, hip roof, mansard roof, arched roof, domed roof, sawtooth roof and skillion roofs.

Mould left unclean on colour bond roofs, tiled roofs and roof shingles will eventually deteriorate your painted roof overtime, and the overall appearance of your house will look run down and unkept. Regular high pressure cleaning of your roof will ensure your roof is deflecting the suns heat and UV rays keeping your house cool all year round.

High pressure cleaning your roof is all that is needed to bring back your roof to life! Before even thinking about painting your roof call us today as 95% of the time high pressure cleaning your roof is all that is needed to restore your roof.

We utilize a two stage roof high pressure cleaning process which will ensure your roof is cleaned properly the first time every time. We begin by placing our ladder onto the edge of the roof then cleaning a pathway from the ladder to the ridge centre. Once at the centre we harness to our anchor which will allow us to high pressure clean all areas of your roof safely with fall prevention lanyards. Once we have hooked up we high pressure clean the field of the roof with our triple blasting water whirl-a-way cleaner, this will allow us to walk on your roof safely without slipping, we then swap the whirl-a-way to our gun lance to high pressure clean the ridges, hips, rake, valleys, gutters, hot water solar panels, photovoltake systems, sky lights and plumbing vents, this will give you a complete clean rid of mould, dirt and grime.

All our roof pressure cleaning Gold Coast jobs are cleaned fast, professionally and water efficiently, this is done by using our triple chisel arm 24” Whirl-a-way which passes the roof tile and colour bond three times which provides a cleaner roof leaving it streak free from the zebra strip effect.

Single story or two story we have the right length ladders, harnesses and automatic return stainless steel lanyards to get the job done right and safe as possible.

We high pressure clean roofs with great care and as if they were our own roof. This is done by stepping on the colour bond where the roof screws meet the battens as this is the most strongest part of the roof. We also high pressure clean hot water solar panels and photovoltaic system with lower pressure making sure there they are cleaned safely and correctly.

To find out more contact our roof pressure cleaning Gold Coast experts on: 0467 590 589 today!